Find a class for you!

We have many different Bible study and small group opportunities.  Contact us or call our offices at 573-634-3603 if we can any questions about classes or curriculum. Download a copy of the chart below here.

Use this chart to find your class. A diagram of the facilities can be found on the Facility Map page.

Department Meeting Room Age Group Welcome Warmly
Babies 3rd floor Preschool area Babies Same
Crawlers and Walkers 3rd floor Preschool area One & Two-year-olds Same
Threes 3rd floor Preschool area Three-year-olds Same
Fours 3rd floor Preschool area Four-year-old and Pre-K Same
Kindergarten 314 In Kindergarten during 2018-2019 Same
Grades 1-2 201 First and Second Grades Same
Grades 3-4 202 Third and Fourth Grades Same
Grade 5 203 Fifth Grade Same
Grade 6 205 Sixth Grade Same
Middle/High School 2nd Floor Refuge Youth Room 7 – 12 Grades Same
Agape Fellowship Hall – 333 Single Parents (all ages) Same
Koinonia 402 Singles (60+) Same
R I B S (Relationships Intentionally Built on Scripture) 328 Couples – 40 Same (Combined with Family Matters)
Family Matters 601 Married – 45 (and parents of children age 0 – 6th grade) 328 (Combined with RIBS)
Celebration 101 Intergenerational (parents of school age to adult children) Same (Combined with Connecting Point)
Connecting Point 615 46+ 101 (Combined with Celebration)
Salt and Light 509 Intergenerational 3rd Floor Chapel (Combined with Legacy Couples)
Legacy 506 50+ (small groups for men, women and couples) Men’s, Women’s: Fellowship Hall West
Couples: 3rd Floor Chapel
(Combined with Salt and Light)
Saints and Sojourners 407 70+ Same
Irwin Class 340 Intergenerational Adult Same
Gordon Barnes Class 326 Special Needs Adult Same
W I N G S (Women in God’s Service) 504 Intergenerational Women Room 332 Fellowship Hall
Men’s Bible Study 602 Intergenerational Men Room 101 – Side room
Journey Parlor – 4th Floor Intergenerational Adult Same