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Coronavirus Care Update (March 25)

UPDATE: March 25

Coronavirus Care Plan

UPDATE: March 17

Suspending Sunday and Wednesday Gatherings/Activities


A message from Lead Pastor Doyle Sager:

We have been monitoring closely the news related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and wanted to bring you up to date concerning our response. Let me begin by reminding us of our strong and loving God. The One who created and saved us is with us in every trial. I love the psalmist’s description of one who is trusting in our faithful God: You will not fear the terror of the night…or the pestilence that stalks in darkness or the destruction that wastes at noonday. (Psalm 91:5-6.). In this challenging time, those of us who know the Lord can quietly trust and refuse to give in to fear or despair. Our trust in God, however, never cancels out our need for wisdom and caution. One of our concerns is for older adults in our church. While you may personally feel strong and healthy, please remember that senior adults have been identified as the most at risk. In the Apostle Paul’s words (1 Corinthians 12), we are the body of Christ, belonging to each other and connected to each other. What happens to one affects all of us. With that in mind, the following are steps we are implementing immediately or in the near future:

  1. Continue to remind our church family of hygiene basics:
    1. Wash hands often
    2. Stay home when sick
    3. Refrain from shaking hands
    4. Do not cough into hands
    5. Avoid touching face (nose, eyes, and mouth)
  2. Suspend our greeting time in morning worship beginning March 15
  3. Begin a new protocol for Communion beginning April 9 (Maundy Thur)
  4. Begin new Sunday morning offering protocol March 29
  5. Designate and stock sick rooms for adults and children
  6. Commit to extra attention in cleaning our church facilities
  7. Provide additional hand sanitizer stations throughout our church facilities

Should the virus directly impact Jefferson City and nearby communities, extra protocols are in place and will be shared if and when necessary.

Through all of this, we will NOT be deterred from carrying out our mission: We WELCOME warmly, GROW faithfully and SERVE generously, leading people into LIFE-GIVING relationships with Christ and each other. Our commitment is to be present for each other in these difficult times and to maintain our sense of community. Our congregation has a great legacy of caring for one another and for our community. We will continue to do that, no matter the challenges.

To summarize,

  • We have taken precautions, followed guidelines and are prepared for various scenarios.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Please consider checking these CDC resources to stay updated on the very latest and most accurate information.

CDC Resources

Again check our church website, for updates. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

In conclusion, remember that our lives in Christ are grounded in hope, not fear (2 Timothy 1:7). Our loving God holds us in gentle, caring hands and will not fail us.

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