Find a class for you!

We have many different Bible study and small group opportunities.  Contact us or call our offices at 573-634-3603 if we can any questions about classes or curriculum. Download a copy of the chart below here.

Use this chart to find your class for 2021. A diagram of the facilities can be found on the Facility Map page.

Class  Teachers Location


Babies, Toddlers, and Twos Dale Feeler and Cindy Whitlock Room 302
Threes and Fours Adele LoGaglio, Jerry Robinett, Cherri Williams Room 304
Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Mandee and Bart Carney, Jeff Feeler, Marilynn Medley, Kay Dinolfo Room 201
Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Ryan Kormann and Debbie Blythe Room 207
Youth (Grades 6-12) Jimmy and Lori Green, Glenna Honich, Doug and Kris Fees, Mark Wittenberger, Aaron and Denise Gillam

Refuge Room

(2nd Floor)



(Multi-generational class for all ages and stages.)

Kristie McGonegal, Jeanie McGowan, EthelMae Champ Parlor

Family Matters

(Married couples, ages 25-45 with school-aged children and youth)

Jonathan and Margaret Craighead Room 601


(Diverse group of women who are married and single.)

Sondra Allen Room 504


(Diverse group of mostly married couples. Ages 50+)

Don Johnson (couples’ class)

Mike Clark (men’s class)

John Clardy (Dept. Director)

Linda Clardy and Brenda Boatright (women’s class)

Room 506


(Diverse group, married & Single. Most Ages 65+)

Pat Pritchett (Director)

Germaine Wilcoxon (Associate Director)

Jan Martin, Sharon Nelson, and Brenda Boatright (teachers)

Room 340

Salt and Light

(Diverse group of mostly married couples. Ages 50+)


David and Martha Jobe Bob and Susan Bell Room 509


(Variety of ages and life stages.)


Carolyn Swanigan Theresa McClellan Room 101

Connecting Point

(Married couples, but a few are single. “Middle-age”– 46-60 years.)

Noel Blythe, Celeste Koon, Betty Richey Room 615


(Singles and couples; diverse group. All ages and stages welcomed)

Deb Scott

Room 325

Saints and Sojourners

(Mostly married couples or widowed. Ages 75+)

Frank Enloe (Dept. Superintendent)

Jim Nelson (teacher)

Barb Hiatte and Rae McKinney (women’s class teachers)?

Room 407


(Couples, ages 40 and under.)

Room 328

Men’s Class

(Diverse group of men who are married and single. All ages and stages present.)

Gary Hemphill, Chris Goodman