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Jesus Changes Everything
January 1-March 12 Sermon Series
January 1 Introduction – Jesus Changes Everything: History, Religion, Relationships, Future  John 1:1-5
Message: Verlyn Bergen
January 8 Jesus Changed History: From Creation to Eternity  Genesis 1:1
Message: Verlyn Bergen
January 15 Jesus Changed Religion: Authority & Power of Jesus  Hebrews 12:18-24
Message: Verlyn Bergen
January 22 Jesus Changed Religion: Sacrifice of Jesus  Hebrews 5:7-10
Message: Verlyn Bergen
January 29 Jesus Changed Relationships: To Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Others
Message: Melissa Hatfield
February 5 For the Glory of God and the Good of the World  Matthew 5:13-20
Message: Melissa Hatfield
February 12 Jesus Changed the Future: His Return  Hebrews 9:23-28
Message: Verlyn Bergen
February 19 Jesus Changes the Future: For Me  John 10:11-18
Message: Verlyn Bergen
Airplane Mode: Silencing the Noise to Amplify God
Lenten Sermon Series
February 26 The Temptation of Jesus  Matthew 4:1-11
Message: Todd Pridemore
March 5 The Noise of the Familiar  John 3:1-17
Message: Melissa Hatfield
March 12 The Noise of Barriers John 4:5-42
Message: Melissa Hatfield
March 19 The Noise of Fear  Psalm 23
Message: Melissa Hatfield
March 26 The Noise of Confusion and Disappointment  John 11:1-45
Message: Cara Harrington