30 Sep

A Letter from Doyle (9-28)

Lead Pastor Doyle Sager has shared a letter to the church family written Sept. 28. The letter is being sent to the church family, but can also be found below.

You can continue to follow Doyle’s progress at his Caring Bridge site page and on our Facebook page.


September 28, 2020

Dear FBC family:

I love you and I miss you! My diagnosis of stage four lung cancer came out of the blue and I am still trying to get my mind around that.

I am currently in my second round of chemotherapy. My current regimen is treatment on two consecutive Wednesdays with the third Wednesday off. Those of you who have experience with chemo know that there are rough days following a treatment, followed by (hopefully) some good ones. I’m taking advantage of one of my “good days” to write you.

I’ve taken extended medical leave so that I can dedicate my energy to this battle going on inside my body. In the meantime, I’m so grateful for our amazing staff and lay leadership, working tirelessly to accomplish our church’s mission.

Janet and I are daily overwhelmed by your many acts of kindness—food, cards, emails and Facebook encouragement. Most of all, we thank you for your unceasing prayers.

Specifically, my prayer requests are:

  • Effective chemotherapy, destroying the cancer cells.
  • The ability to manage the many side effects of chemo.
  • Victory over insomnia.
  • Special strength for Janet as my primary caregiver.
  • Wisdom and patience to navigate the world of medical information.
  • Physical strength.
  • Spiritual strength, allowing both times of doubt and fear as well as times of encouragement, experiencing the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit.

I love you all and am so grateful for the pastor-congregation bond we share. Please keep up the Gospel work among us, as we see what love can do.

Grace, Doyle

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