26 Oct

Special Called Business Meeting Nov. 22

The following letter was sent to church member on Oct. 22 about an upcoming called business meeting on Sunday, Nov. 22 and the items that will be considered. Please contact the church if you have any questions.


October 22, 2020

Dear­ FBC Family,

Thank you for the genuine care, grace, and generosity you continue to demonstrate to each other and as a congregation during the pandemic and Pastor Doyle’s medical leave. Because of you, FBC continues to fulfill its mission to welcome warmly, serve generously, grow faithfully and experience life-giving relationships with one another and with Christ. Though this is a time of uncertainty and tension, our congregation continues finding creative ways to be Christ’s love and hope in our community and beyond. Our capacity for love-in-action is a testament to Christ’s presence.

We are writing to inform you of a special called business meeting on Sunday, November 22 at noon in the FBC sanctuary.

Three items will be presented for a vote at the special called meeting:

  1. A request from our Enlistment Committee to amend our by-laws to allow for an extension in terms of service for our FBC committees, chairpersons, and trustees
  2. A request from our Enlistment Committee to extend terms of service for our FBC committees, chairpersons, and trustees by one year.
  3. A request from our Leadership Team to amend our constitution in order to allow for remote participation in a live business meeting.

Due to COVID-19 and our lead pastor’s medical leave, our church leaders believe continuity in leadership and allowing greater participation in our voting practice is important in the coming months.

We will use our COVID-19 safety protocols including masking, ushers escorting attendees in and out of the meeting, and physical distancing. Those attending the business meeting may register ahead of time at beginning November 16 or may register when you arrive. If you attend 10:45 am worship, you may remain in your seat for the business meeting.

As a reminder, our church’s Enlistment Committee is responsible for enlisting and presenting to the church for approval all church committees and chairpersons, all church officers and trustees. The current Enlistment Committee chairperson is Kristie McGonegal. Committee members include:

Bill Heller
Martha Jobe
Bill Baggett
Debbie Bledsoe

Our Leadership Team functions similarly to a church council and serves to oversee the implementation of our Setting Sail initiatives. Our Personnel and Stewardship committee chairpersons have been added to the Leadership Team during Pastor Doyle’s medical leave in order to increase the level of communication and cooperation among our leaders. Members of the FBC Leadership Team include:

FBC Pastors
Chair of Deacons, Ray Wallace
Chair of Personnel, Stephen Mathis
Chair of Stewardship, Matt Barton
Authentic Relationships Coordinator, Sondra Allen
Mission Coordinator, Ron Medin
Spiritual Formation Coordinator, James Preston
Communications Associate, Kris Crawford

The motions to be presented at the special called meeting are included below.

In Christ,

Hannah, Melissa, and Rod

FBC Pastors

November 22, 2020 at Noon

Motion to amend By-Laws to allow for extension of terms of service and extend terms of service for FBC church committees and chairpersons, church officers and trustees // (amendment in red)

By-Laws Article II. Officers

All officers of the church and its organizations, unless otherwise specified by the Constitution or the Bylaws, shall be elected by the church from its membership for a term of one year. The term of office may be extended at the request of the Enlistment Committee and a majority vote of members attending a church meeting. All terms are effective October 1, after the Enlistment Committee submits its nominations and opportunity is given for additional nominations.

By-Laws Article III. Section 3

Election of Committees. Committee members shall be elected for a term of three years with one-third of the number being elected each year. After completion of a full three-year term, the committee member shall be ineligible to serve on that particular committee until after the lapse of one year. The term of service may be extended at the request of the Enlistment Committee and a majority vote of members attending a church meeting.

Motion to extend terms of service for current church committees and chairpersons, church officers and trustees by one year//

The Enlistment Committee of FBC moves that the terms of service for committees, chairpersons, officers, and trustees be extended for one year.

Motion to amend Constitution to allow for remote participation in business meetings //

Article V, Section 3 of the Constitution

At any meeting of this church, any number of attendees, up to and including all attendees, may participate by means of remote communication if, in the judgment of the individual(s) authorized to convene the meeting, such remote communication will promote and facilitate greater attendance, participation and voting. Participation in a meeting by remote communication shall constitute presence in person at the meeting for all purposes including, without limitation, voting. Adequate and timely notice of the change to a remote meeting shall be given along with instructions for participation and voting in such a such remote meeting.

The technology used for a remote meeting shall allow attendees full access to and full participation in all meeting transactions. Voting may be accomplished by, without limitation, voice vote, written ballots, and/or electronic transmissions either during the meeting or within a reasonable time thereafter. Reasonable measures shall be taken to authenticate the attendance and vote of each attendee. Any action that could be taken at an in-person meeting may also be taken at a remote meeting conducted pursuant to these provisions. 

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