29 Jul

Pastor’s Pen – August 2022

Dear Church, 

August is a month of transition. We savor the final days of summer with delight and desperation while readying ourselves for the beginning of another school year. Even if you and your family are no longer tied to a school calendar, all are impacted by this community rhythm. Swimming pools drain the water and store away the toys for another year. Store aisles burst with school supplies, luring some of us with yet another pen to add to our collection.  

Transitions seem constant rather than seasonal in our lives and church. I know it feels unsettling and chaotic. I also know transitions are when God does some of God’s best work in us as we remember God’s faithfulness to us in the past and trust God for our future.  

Despite the earnest prayers of some students and teachers, returning to school is inevitable. But on the other side, incredible moments, experiences, and forever memories await them. The same is true for our church. Psalm 85 reminds us God has been faithful to us in the past, is faithful to us in the present, and will continue to be faithful to us in the future. God is with us in this season of transition and ahead of us. 

As the calendar page turns and we enter a new yet familiar school-year rhythm, may we be faithful and trusting students of Jesus Christ, our Teacher. May we be alert to what the Spirit of God is inviting us to be and do in this unexpected but fruitful season. 

Pastor Melissa 

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