29 Sep

Pastor’s Pen – October 2022

One of the things I do as a wedding officiant is taking responsibility for the marriage license. At the rehearsal dinner, I secure it from the bride and groom so they can focus on the hundred remaining items on their to-do list before saying, “I do.” After the wedding, I secure the required signatures, seal the envelope, and guard it with my life until I hand deliver it to the post office on the next business day. I don’t drop it in a mailbox. The bride and groom have entrusted me with this official document required to be filed in a certain way in a specific time frame so other essential things can happen. If I fail to steward my job well now, I create future problems for all of us. 

On October 16, we will launch our fall stewardship series entitled “Entrusted.” Gospel stewardship encompasses everything, not just our finances. God has entrusted us with gifts, resources, opportunities, stories, relationships, and more. Everything we have has been given to us to steward in a way consistent with the kingdom of God.  

In this series, we’ll talk about being good guardians and investors of our vocations, creation, gifts, wealth, and the gospel. God has put these precious things into our care and protection for God’s glory and the benefit of others. Todd Pridemore, our interim preacher, and I look forward to diving into this series with you as we reflect on God’s invitation to partner to make God’s kingdom known. 

Pastor Melissa 

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