29 Nov

Pastor’s Pen – December 2022

Sometimes Advent sneaks up on me. You would think stores putting out Christmas displays in early October would be a clue, yet its arrival still surprises me when the Thanksgiving turkey is still warm. 

Advent means “arrival” or “coming.” It is a season of expectation and hope. Believers worldwide spend the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day preparing for the arrival of the Christ child, Emmanuel. 

Our Advent theme this year is “Hope for the World.” This season, we will reflect on having hope in the unexpected, the unexciting, and the unknown. Maybe you’re experiencing one or more of these feelings. The stories of Advent are stories of hard times. Jesus was born into unsettling and challenging times when the people felt powerless. But when the world feels hopeless, Advent reminds us God is with us. There is Hope for the World, and his name is Jesus. 

I hope you will join us for Advent and make the most of this season of anticipation. On page two, you will find our Advent schedule. Let me encourage you to participate and engage with our church this season. Attend worship in person or online. Share a gift with those in need. Enjoy the beautiful music of the season. Give to global missions. Invite family and friends to join you. Sign up for the daily devotions or grab a printed devotion book in the lobby or church office.  

Let us anticipate together with joy our Hope for the world, Jesus! 

Pastor Melissa

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