29 Dec

Pastor’s Pen – January 2023

To some, January 1st is simply another date on the calendar. To others, it is a brand-new journal, full of blank pages pregnant with possibility and potential.  

I’ve always loved the turning of one year into the next. On the shadow side of the Christmas hustle and bustle, I carve out space to sit with the past twelve months. What brought me life, and what broke my heart? What stretched me, and what stifled me? Where did God meet me, and where did I miss God? Before I can begin to dream with the Spirit about what is ahead, I must ponder what has been, practicing gratitude and extending grace to myself and others.  

Tidying expert Marie Kondo teaches when it comes to home and life organization, you should keep only things that speak to the heart and discard items that no longer spark joy. Although my vacuum doesn’t spark joy, I think I’ll keep it. Some things serve a purpose, even if they do not produce delight. However, there are some feelings, thoughts, possessions, and even relationships that need to go. A new year is an excellent time to consider what these might be in our lives. 

My favorite step in the KonMari method is the last: Thank the items for their service – then let them go. 

May God give us wisdom, as individuals and as a congregation, on what to bring into 2023 and insight on what to leave behind. And may we extend gratitude and grace to the latter as we thank these for their service and let them go as we follow God.  

Pastor Melissa

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