30 Mar

April Pastor’s Pen

The most common response when I ask someone how they came to First Baptist Church is this: “So-and-so invited me.” Maybe this is your story. Research shows a personal invitation from a friend, family member, or coworker is the number one reason people begin attending a church. Nothing else comes close, not even free coffee in the lobby each Sunday.  

It is easy to forget the power of an invitation, yet I imagine we have all been affected by a simple invitation, whether to church, an event, or to share a cup of coffee.  

Inviting people to church can transform lives. The church is where people can connect with God, find a sense of community, and receive support during challenging times. When we invite others to join us in worship, we offer them a chance to experience the love of God and the joy of fellowship. Jesus was invitational, too. He invited people into fellowship with him to discover his love and forgiveness. 

The best invitation we can offer is to invite someone into a relationship with Jesus. That journey may start by just inviting someone to join you for worship, for Mission JC, for a Wednesday night meal, or for a round of pickleball on Wednesday nights.  

Let’s thank those whose invitations have made a difference in our lives, and let us commit to being an invitational congregation. Easter invite cards are available at the Welcome desk in the lobby. Pick some up when you join us for worship and share them with those who, research shows, are waiting for an invitation.  

Pastor Mel 

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