4 Apr

April Pastor’s Pen

Dear Church,

April may bring showers ahead of May flowers, but it will also bring us some special Sunday events at First Baptist.

Sunday, April 7, our children will lead us in worship. I’m grateful for a congregation that cherishes and celebrates the gifts of all ages – from children to seniors. I look forward to learning from them as we worship God together. This is a reminder to save up your coins to bring to worship to make some noise for the special offering they will collect for needs in our community.

Sunday, April 21, we will back Rev. Dr. Cliff Cain. You can read more about Dr. Cain on page three. We are honored to host Dr. Cain for worship, the Bible Teaching hour, and a community presentation on Monday, April 22. We are also honored to display 18 of his fantastic photos of God’s beautiful creation, which will be displayed in the Fellowship Hall through May 19. I hope you will plan to attend and invite friends as we reflect on creation care and our call to be a good steward of creation.

Sunday, April 28, we will end the month with our 10th annual Mission JC day of service. In 2013, we gave away a Sunday morning of worship in our building to worship in our community. Since then, ten churches have joined us and hundreds of volunteers spend a Sunday morning giving back to our community through various projects. You can read more on page five. I’m deeply grateful for Mike and Donna Downing, co-chairs, and the leadership team, who have worked hard since January to prepare for this event. Registration is open at

Friends, what a beautiful witness you continue to be to our community of people who welcome warmly, grow faithfully, and serve generously. It is my joy to be your pastor and to welcome, grow, and serve alongside you for the glory of God and the good of the world.

Pastor Melissa

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