Automatic Giving FAQs

Click here or on the video below to watch church member Travis Ford walk you step-by-step on how to give online. You’ll also find answers to frequently asked question below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Automatic Giving

Q:        What is automatic giving?

A:       Automatic giving is an automatic transfer program that allows you to make contributions without writing checks.

Q:        What is the advantage of automatic giving?

A:       You can prioritize your giving within your budget. You can increase your faithfulness to God. It will save you time. You also help the church stabilize its budget.

Q:        How is my automatic giving withdrawn from my account?

A:       Once you authorize the transfer, your specified contribution is electronically transferred directly from your checking or savings account to the church’s account.

Q:        When will my contribution be withdrawn from my account?

A:       On the date that you select—the 1st and/or the 15th of each month. You may give once or twice each month.  If the 1st or 15th is on a weekend, the contribution is posted on the next business day.  You never have to worry about forgetting a contribution.

Q:        If I do not write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?

A:       Since your contribution is made at a pre-established time, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date.

Q:        Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made my contribution?

A:       First Baptist Church will include your automatic gifts on your giving statement, and your bank statement gives you an itemized list of electronic transfers.

Q:        Is automatic (electronic) giving risky?

A:       Electronic giving is less risky than check contribution. It cannot be lost, stolen or destroyed in the mail. It has an extremely high rate of accuracy.

Q:        What if I change bank accounts?

A:       Notify the Church Office and we will give you a new authorization form to complete.

Q:        How much does automatic giving cost?

A:       It costs you nothing and it saves you time.

Q:        What if I try automatic giving and don’t like it?

A:       You can cancel your authorization by notifying us at any time. To cancel, simply fill out a second form and check the “Discontinue Automatic Withdrawal of Funds” box.

Q:        How do I sign up for automatic giving?

A:       Complete and sign the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Withdrawal of Funds form and return it to the Church Office along with a voided check or savings deposit slip. This can be mailed, brought to the Church Office, or dropped in the offering plate at any church service.

Still have questions? Contact the church office, 634-3603 or [email protected].