Mission Survey


One of the primary goals for the FBCJC Missions Leadership Team in 2023 is engagement. We encourage our congregation to participate, more than ever before, in missions locally and around the world, whether through prayer, finances, and/or hands-on service.

Here are three things we know:

  1. Our church values serving generously.
  2. We have amazing mission partners doing incredible things for the Kingdom.
  3. We’re better when we work together, empowered by God’s Spirit, for the glory of God and the good of the world.

Here are three things we don’t know:

  1. The real number in our congregation involved in mission work of some kind. (Some of you are quietly serving under the radar, and we love it! But we’d also love to know about it.)
  2. The mission opportunities you hope and long to see FBCJC engage within our community, nation, or around the world.
  3. Those who want to serve but don’t know how to get involved.

There is a lot more we don’t know, but we want to start here, and we need your help. Here’s how:

  1. Complete a brief survey to help us with our questions by February 22. (It should take you less than five minutes.)
  2. For each completed survey, we will send $10 from our church mission fund to the ministry partner of your choice, selected from the list at the end of the survey.

You will be engaged in missions simply by completing this survey.

That’s it.

You complete a short survey, select a ministry to receive $10, and we better live out our mission to serve generously!

Click to help us send $10 to a mission partner by February 22.

The Missions Leadership Team
Ron Medin, Missions Coordinator; Marty Drewel, Tonny Hammond, Marlene Medin, Rachael Preston, Carolyn Swanigan, Mike Schroer, Lisa Washburn, Melissa Hatfield, Staff Liaison