Weather Cancellation Policy

Inclement weather information

Here is a quick guide to know if weather has rescheduled or cancelled activities:

  • Local TV stations (KRCG-13 and KOMU-8)  and radio stations (KWOS) as soon as possible. We will be listed as First Baptist Church Jefferson City.
  • Announcements will also be on our church answering machine, this site and social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter).
  • A special email notification will also be sent to notify of cancellations if possible. To receive these notification if you are not currently subscribed, or if you need to add a work/home address, please call the church office at 634-3603 or email us.
  • A text will be sent out. To sign up to receive texts, see instructions here.

If the Jefferson City Public Schools cancel or dismiss early on a Wednesday, no meals or evening activities will be held. Other days are determined on a case-by-case basis. Weather cancellations will be announced by the church texting service, on the FBC answering machine, website, Facebook, Twitter, KRCG and KOMU TV and KWOS radio. We will be listed as First Baptist Church Jefferson City.

Need road conditions? MoDOT has an online map, updated every 30 minutes during winter storms.