Setting Sail

FBCSettingSailSetting Sail: A Strategic Vision

To view the 20-page PDF of our final Setting Sail Strategic Plan, click here.

Recommended Books:

The following are books recommended by our consultant, Bill Wilson, at the beginning of our journey.

  • Pursuing God’s Will Together by Ruth Haley Barton
  • The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry by Sue Annis Hammond
  • Doing the Math of Mission by Walter Rendle
  • City Church by Tim Keller
  • Memories, Hopes and Conversations: Appreciative Inquiry and Congregational Change by Mark Lau Branson

Recommended Articles:

The following articles were recommended to us from various people during the Imagine If journey.

The Wetlands Where Church and Social Ventures Meet (from Bill Wilson) – added 6/1/15

Buildings for a New Tomorrow (from Bill Wilson) – added 6/1/15

Gathering Around Ministry, Not Minister (from Bill Wilson) – added 6/1/15

The Growing Issue of Frequency of Attendance (from Bill Wilson) – added 6/1/15

The Illusion of Congregational Happiness (from Bill Wilson) – added 6/1/15

Think Christianity is Dying? No, Christianity is Shifting (from Todd Pridemore) – added 6/1/15

Christianity still dominated in U.S., but ‘unaffiliated’ ranks grow (from Charles Foster) – added 6/1/15