FBCJC Transition Updates

Below are updates during our church’s transitional process. If you have any questions, please contact the church at 573.634.3604 or mary@fbcjc.org. 

February 22

On Sunday, February 21, at our Quarterly Business Meeting, the Enlistment Committee presented a slate of nominees to serve on a special committee, the Transition Committee. According to our FBC Constitution, “Pastoral leadership, including pulpit supply while a new pastor is being sought, shall be arranged by a special committee elected for that purpose. An interim pastor may be selected by the church upon recommendation of this special committee.” The Bylaws further state, “Special committees shall be named for specific purposes as desired by the church. These committees and their chair shall be elected by the church from its member­ship after the Enlistment Committee submits its nominations and opportunity is given for additional nomina­tions. A Special Committee shall not exercise the functions of a standing committee.”

The following individuals were approved by the membership to serve on the Transition Committee: Sha­ron Nelson, Chair; Susan Bell, Mandee Carney, Gary Collins, Travis Ford, and Stephen Mathis. The committee will begin to meet and have conversations to learn more about what the church is needing for the interim or transition time before the church begins the interim search process. The Enlistment Committee will provide updates on their work to the congregation as needed. These updates will be shared via the Weekly, the Bea­con, and on our website at fbcjc.org/transition.