In 2013, we officially began a partnership through Future Leadership Foundation with a Ukrainian Church Planter in Eastern Ukraine. Right after our partnership began, conflict with Russia erupted in Eastern Ukraine. The mother church was burned. Our church planter relocated to the western part of Ukraine in L’viv, establishing a new church. They continue to help with relief work in the east.

We also support a ministry in Kyiv. They provide  housing and care to unhoused senior adults and adults with disabilities and special needs. These individuals are found on the streets or recommended by locals or local institutions. They are taken in, helped with medical needs, basic humanitarian needs, documents and other resources to get them on their feet or reunited with family.


As of September 2022, we’ve collected and dispersed $42,3280 to three partner churches and organizations in Ukraine. These funds are used to care for refugees remaining or stuck in L’viv and Kyiv. They are providing bedding, food, first aid, toiletries and immediate needs.

Your prayers are needed.

Your gifts are needed as well. 100% of your donation will be used to support both ministries at this time.

GIVE ONLINE: Click here and select “Ukraine Mission” from dropdown menu.

GIVE BY CHECK: Send a check payable to FBCJC and note “Ukraine” in the memo to:

First Baptist Church
301 E. Capitol Avenue
Jefferson City, MO 65101