19 Nov

Thank you, Piecemakers!

On November 19, we were able to witness an incredible display of beauty and craftsmanship by our Piecemakers. You can see a few examples on this post, and view the whole album here. Piecemakers Ministry makes quilts for adults and children, receiving blankets for babies, walker caddys, lap quilts, pillow covers and other items as […]

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30 Oct

November Pastor’s Pen

The mortality rate for human beings is hovering at around 100 percent. Death is the great equalizer. It comes for us all. So, it makes sense that many of us have serious concerns or questions about death. While we speak of death often at funerals, we rarely tackle the subject head-on in our Sunday routine. […]

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2 Oct

October Pastor’s Pen

“Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain” was a popular television travel and food documentary series hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain. The show, which aired from 2013 to 2018, followed Bourdain as he traveled the globe exploring different cultures, cuisines, and the human experience. Bourdain’s unique storytelling style combined culinary adventures with cultural immersion, providing viewers […]

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11 Sep

September Pastor’s Pen

On September 10 at 9:00 a.m., I will be installed as the next Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church. Wait … does this mean I haven’t really been the Lead Pastor since March 1? No! I’ve officially been your pastor these past six months. This hasn’t been a trial or probationary period. You’re stuck with […]

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15 Aug

August Pastor’s Pen

BRAGGING WARNING! Friends, as summer winds down and our attention turns to a new school year rhythm, I want to brag on you for a few moments. I mentioned recently in worship some comments I’ve received from individuals visiting our church this summer. The common theme I hear is about the friendliness of this congregation. […]

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7 Jul

July Pastor’s Pen

On my recent trip to Italy with my nephew, a regional train carried us to a small city an hour west of Florence. We had a 10 am tee time on a beautiful Tuscan golf course we were eager to make. Upon arrival at the train station, we were greeted by a concrete platform and […]

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2 Jul

Kenya Group Returning

After spending a week at The Well in Kenya, our group returns today. Our time with these boys and girls has been ongoing for 14 years. As they return on July 2, the group sends this greetings to our church.

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27 May

June Pastor’s Pen

June begins the hectic travel season for so many of us. Family vacations, traveling sports teams, summer camps, missions trips, and more. Summer is a season of memories and adventures! I’m a big fan of traveling, often reflecting on Mark Twain’s wise words, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our […]

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27 Apr

May Pastor’s Pen

May is a hectic month for families as they wrap up busy school years and celebrate graduates of all ages. For the first time, I’m on the other end of the craziness as the aunt of a graduating high school senior. There are endless deadlines, celebrations, events, and emotions, too. On Sunday, May 7, we […]

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4 Apr

Register for Mission JC!

Registration is now open for Mission JC on April 30, when we and nine other churches will worship through service in our community. There are variety of projects that fit anyone that volunteers — regardless of age or interest. It’s quick and easy to sign up. Go to the MissionJC site where you will find […]

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