2016 Sermon Schedule

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January 3 In Christ’s Light–What Do You See More Clearly?  Matthew 2:1-15
When the light shines on us, it also shines around us
Sermon series January 10-Janaury 31: OVERCOMING SPIRITUAL BURNOUT
Theme verses, Romans 12:11-12: “Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame.”
January 10 When Love Fades   Revelation 2:1-7
God’s people can do many things right yet suffer from hard hearts.
January 17 When Church Takes More Than It Gives   2 Corinthians 11:22-30
Serving Christ through his church can be painful!
January 24 Jesus, The Pause That Refreshes   John 15:1-11
Being attentive to our inner life creates space for Christ to correct and nourish us.
January 31 From Surviving to Thriving Spiritually   Acts 18:5-11; Romans 12:11-12
Experiencing fresh energy for service can occur in surprising ways.
February 7 Only Jesus   Luke 9:28-36
Jesus’ transfiguration gives us hints about his authority and sufficiency.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
Lenten series Feb. 14-March 20:
February 14 Confession and Forgiveness (1st Sunday of Lent)   Psalm 51:1-12
[Confession is the doorway to cleansing, and the ground of forgiving others]
February 21 Forgiveness and Family (2nd Sunday of Lent)   Genesis 45:1-15
[Family systems often need to be purged of secrets, deception and betrayal]
February 28 Youth Sunday (3rd Sunday of Lent)
March 6 Building Forgiveness Muscle (4th Sunday of Lent)   Matthew 18:21-35
God’s forgiveness is beyond calculating, so ours should be also.
March 13 Personal and Corporate Forgiveness (5th Sunday of Lent)   Acts 7:51–8:1
How do we forgive not only individuals, but systems and structures which oppress and abuse?
March 20 Forgiveness…When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (6th Sunday of Lent, Passion or Palm Sunday) Colossians 2:11-15
At the Cross, God’s mighty work in Christ is sufficient to erase all our sins.
March 27 Under New Management (Easter Sunday)  1 Corinthians 15:19-26
All heaven and earth, including our lives and our crises, are under the lordship of the Risen One.
Sermon series April 3-17:
April 3 Can These FBC Bones Live?   Ezekiel 37:1-14
The God of the resurrection can make dry institutions alive with spiritual power.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
April 10 Everyone!   Joel 2:23-32
Everyone is called, invited and challenged to be a part of God’s miracle-making.
April 17 The Metrics of Eternity   Ephesians 3:14-21
Who can measure what God’s love and power can do when the church is truly the church?
April 24 Mission JC – Services canceled as we serve throughout the community
May 1 Children’s Sunday
God’s Resounding Answer to Grief    Revelation 21:1-6
God’s eternal plan envelopes us in healing care.
Sermon series May 8-22:
May 8 Transmitting Faith Within The Family (Mother’s Day) Acts 16:22-34
Since every family system is being evangelized to some worldview, our home becomes our first mission field.
May 15 Re-rooting The Family Tree (Pentecost Sunday) Romans 8:14-17
Through spiritual adoption in Christ, we have opportunity to change the family story and direction.
May 22 Developing Your Family’s Coping Skills   Romans 5:1-5
All family systems learn to deal with adversity–some do it well, others–not so much.
May 29 People Pleasers and the Gospel of Grace  Galatians 1:1-12
Confidence in God’s love frees us from needing others’ approval.
June 5 Summer Music Celebration
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
June 12 Proper Posture Matters  Psalm 5
What changes await us if we daily lay our lives before God?
June 19 My Name Is Riot (Father’s Day): Luke 8:26-39    Rev. Melissa Hatfield
Jesus can heal the violent raging within and make us fit for family, witness and service.
June 26 Costly Discipleship   Luke 9:51-62
Jesus directs our attention away from judging others and toward our own need for faithful following.
July 3 What I Thought I Wanted…What I Got Instead  2 Kings 5:1-14
Rev. Hannah Coe
July 10 Mercy  Luke 10:25-37
Rev. Hannah Coe
July 17 Balance, Burnout and Blessings  Luke 10:38-42
What happens when we focus on working for Christ while neglecting a relationship with him?
July 24 The Prayer Challenge  Luke 11:1-13
Prayer is awesome. Try it!
July 31 The Shiny Bicycle  Luke 12:13-21
How much is enough?
August 7 Wash Your Hands…It’s Supper Time   Isaiah 1:1,10-20
Communion Sunday is a perfect time to seek spiritual cleansing.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
August 14-September 4 sermon series:
August 14 Holy Smoke  Isaiah 6:1-8
God’s mysterious presence produces awe and surrender.
August 21 Worship For Thirsty Souls   John 4:7-26
Only God can slake our thirst, even when that longing is not expressed in conventional ways.
August 28 Worship As Risk   Psalm 95
Worship is a barometer of how far we are willing to go with God.
September 4 Hope-filled Worship   Hebrews 10:19-25
In corporate worship, we are refreshed by our Priest, Jesus Christ, and by our priesthood to one another.
September 11 Summer Mission Celebration
September 18-October 9 sermon series:
September 18 Dying to Live   Luke 9:18-27
Daily dying to ego’s ravenous appetite opens the way to authentic life.
Speaker: Rev. Melissa Hatfield
September 25 An Altar in the City   Romans 12:1-2
The sacred offering of our lives occurs in the hustle and bustle of ordinariness.
October 2 Joining God  Ephesians 2:8-10
What kind of place can FBC become if we join God in His work?
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
October 9 God Is Never Finished With Us   John 21:15-23
Spiritual transformation continues after failure and into every life stage.
October 16-November 6 sermon series:
Authentic Relationships: EMBRACING THE MESS
October 16 Losers of the World, Unite!   1 John 1:3-10
Life happens when there is brokenness and honesty.
October 23 Ampersand Faith  Matthew 3: 13-17; 4: 18-22
Guest Speaker: Suzii Paynter, Executive Coordinator of CBF National
October 30 Fear of Depths   John 15:12-17
The fear of going deeper with Christ and others keeps us from experiencing the “more” of following Jesus.
November 6 Screen Shots of Crazy Grace Acts 2:42-47
What if our church became a demonstration to the community of radical grace, acceptance and transformation?
Stewardship  Sermon Series Nov. 13 and 20: DISMANTLING OUR IDOLS
November 13 False Gods–Visible and Invisible   Exodus 20:1-6; Hosea 13:2-6
Scripture calls us to continually turn from idols.
November 20 The Economics of Idolatry   Acts 19:23-41
Tearing down false gods always has financial consequences.
Advent Sermon Series Nov. 27-Dec. 25: CHRISTMAS HOPE IN A HOPELESS WORLD
November 27 Hope vs. Despair   Isaiah 2:1-5
How to thrive in a culture that has given up on God.
December 4 “Jesus, The Hope of Christmas”
 FBC Adult Choir, Orchestra SonShine Singers and Music Makers Christmas Presentation.
December 11 Hope and Patience   James 5:7-10
What to do when we just don’t have the energy to be hopeful.
December 18 Hope and Trust   Matthew 1:18-25
We often find God at the end of our own resources.
December 25 It’s About Time   Psalm 98; Galatians 4:4-7
Hope always has a local address, in the flesh.
January 8-29, 2017 Sermon Series:
Community Transformation: THE CHURCH WITHOUT WALLS
January 8 Answering Our Own Prayers Isaiah 65:17-25
Picturing a healed creation motivates us to be answers to our own prayers.
January 15 Jesus In Disguise James 1:22–2:7
Jesus invites us to meet him in the stranger and the broken of our world.
January 22 Creative Caring Luke 5:17-26
When it comes to offering hope for broken lives, are we in the way or leading the way?
January 29 Break Every Chain! Luke 13:10-17
The liberating Christ seeks to restore us to wholeness and community.
February 5-19, 2017 sermon series:
Global Partners: THE GLOCAL CHURCH
February 5 Far and Near, As We Go (Lord’s Supper) Matthew 28:16-20
A passion for global mission is not optional equipment; it’s part of following Jesus.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
February 12 Jesus’ Simple Strategy Matthew 9:9-13
Jesus’ love crosses more than geographical boundaries.
February 19 Partnering The Gospel Romans 1:8-17
Kingdom work is about receiving ministry as well as giving it.
February 26 Guest Speaker: Bill Wilson, Director, The Center for Healthy Churches
March 5 Lent Begins
Sermon series January-February, 2017: