2019 Sermon Schedule

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January 6 Rise and Shine  Isaiah 60:1-6
We are ordinary people through which God pours extraordinary blessings into the world.
Preacher: Hannah Coe
January 13 Services canceled due to inclement weather.
Mapping FBC DNA
January 20 – March 3 Sermon Series
January 20 God-Centered Worship  Psalm 63:1-8
We love God.
January 27 Life-Changing Faith  Matthew 7:12-27
We follow Christ.
February 3 Authentic Relationships  Romans 12:9-21
We love each other.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
February 10 Services canceled due to inclement weather.
February 17 Community Transformation  Luke 4:14-21
We help people.
February 24 Youth Sunday
March 3 Global Partners  2 Corinthians 5:14—6:2
We share Christ.
Following Jesus
March 10 – April 14 Lenten Sermon Series
March 10 Jesus Weeping  John 11:17-37
Jesus’ compassion for those ravaged by disease, sin and death.
Preacher: Jeanie McGowan
March 17 Jesus Prioritizing  John 12:1-8
Christ’s sacrifice calls for extravagant devotion and commitment.
Preacher: Hannah Coe
March 24 Jesus Agonizing  John 12:20-33
We die in order to live and the struggle to be obedient will cost us everything.
March 31 Jesus Serving  John 13:1-20
Jesus shows us how to give up pride and privilege in order to love genuinely.
April 7 Jesus Warning  John 13:21-38
Through his covenant meal, Jesus confronts our faithlessness.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
April 14 Palm Sunday
Jesus Finishing  John 19:23-30
Jesus’ faithfulness to his life mission brings God’s eternal plan into the here and now.
April 21 Easter Sunday
Habeas Corpus  John 20:11-29
Jesus’ bodily resurrection affirms his lordship over every area of life.
April 28 Mission JC: Being the church in the city
For more information or to sign up: missionjc.org
May 5 Guest preacher: Paul Baxley, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship executive coordinator
Family Life Is Messy!
May 12-26 Sermon Series
May 12 Making Blended Families Work (Mother’s Day) Genesis 21:1-21
There is no such thing as a typical family; all families struggle with jealousy, hurt and unresolved pain.
Preacher: Hannah Coe
May 19 Who Wins the Arguments at Your House?  Ephesians 5:21 – 6:3
Successful families learn to take turns being wrong.
Team Preaching: Hannah Coe and Doyle Sager
May 26 Storm Trauma Psalm 46; Mark 4:35-41
June 2 Summer Music Celebration
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
June 9 Move the Fence  Acts 2:1-21  (Pentecost Sunday)
When the Holy Spirit drenches Christ’s church, everyone gets in on God’s plan.
June 16 The Art of (Mis)communication  Ephesians 4:25 – 5:2
Tenderness, tone of voice, careful listening, speech sprinkled with grace—it’s all there in scripture.
June 23 Living Within Life’s Limits  1 Kings 19:1-12
Preacher: Melissa Hatfield
June 30 Victory Over Shame  Psalm 51
July 7 God’s GPS  John 16:12-15
God’s guidance comes by way of a Person, not a road map.
July 14 Life-giving Relationships Galatians 6:1-10
Preacher: Todd Pridemore
July 21 Christ: No More, No Less  Colossians 1:15-28
Preacher: Hannah Coe
July 28 We Will Remember  Psalm 85
When something is lost — whether it be a pair of glasses, your way, or the sense of God’s presence — the secret to finding it again is retracing your steps.
Preacher: Melissa Hatfield
August 4 Fierce Love  Hosea 11:1-9
God pursues us in love and never gives up on us.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
Preacher: Jim Hill
Your God Is Too Small
August 11-September 1 Sermon Series
August 11 El Shaddai, The Mighty One  Genesis 17:1-8
God’s power and majesty are beyond our categories of description, yet are seasoned with tenderness and good intentions toward us.
August 18 Yahweh, The Personal and Promise-keeping God  Exodus 3:1-15
In an unfolding, never-failing plan, God reveals God’s Self in relationships.
August 25 The Holy One  Isaiah 44:6-8; 46:3-10; 57:15
God is distinct from and above all creation, yet enters into our suffering to redeem it for good purposes.
September 1 The LORD God, Our All in All  1 Corinthians 15:19-28; Revelation 11:15-17
Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords will make things right and eventually heal creation.
September 8-22 Sermon Series
September 8 Why Pray?  Psalm 42
Exploring the universal longing for connection with our Creator and Deliverer.
September 15 Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?  2 Corinthians 12:2-10; Revelation 5:6-8
“Yes” is only one of God’s many possible answers to our prayers.
September 22 What Are the Logistics of Prayer?  Philippians 4:4-7
The mechanics of prayer are simple, but require practice and discipline.
September 29 Creeds and Deeds  1 Timothy 6:11-16
Aligning our beliefs and behavior.
Failing Forward – Simon Peter’s Story
October 6-27 Sermon Series
October 6 Beginning, Stumbling and Growing  Matthew 4:18-20; 16:13-23
As in Simon Peter’s experience, our spiritual journeys are filled with successes and failures.
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
October 13 Confusion and Failure  John 18:1-27
Our pride and need to be in control lead us into dark places spiritually.
October 20 Confrontation and Restoration  John 21:9-23
Even after we fail Jesus, his love offers us a path to repentance and fresh mission.
October 27 God Uses Imperfect People  Acts 10:1-16
Imperfect servants, God has a job for you—perfect people need not apply.
Faithful Giving
November 3-10 Sermon Series
November 3 Connecting Heart and Wallet  Luke 12:13-21
Our wallets may often give evidence of where our hearts are.
November 10 The Gift of Submission  Matthew 11:28-30
Preacher: Melissa Hatfield
November 17 Hands Wide Open  Matthew 8:2-3; Luke 4:40; Mark 10:13-16; Matthew 14:29-31; John 20:27; Luke 24:50-51
Guest preacher: Dr. Pam Durso,
Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry
November 24 The Bright Light of Gratitude Philippians 2:12-15
The habit of gratitude allows the light of Christ to shine clearly from our lives.
December 1 Christmas Musical featuring Orchestra and Adult Choir
Lord’s Supper served (More about the Lord’s Supper)
Finding Christmas Gifts in Unusual Places
December 8-22 Advent Sermon Series
December 8 The Gift of Starting Over Matthew 3:1-12
Nothing is as freeing as hearing the truth and taking responsibility for our choices.
December 15 The Gift of Miracles  Matthew 11:2-11
The Good News of the Incarnation opens us up to a brand new world in which the impossible becomes possible.
December 22 The Gift of Disguised Blessings  Matthew 1:18-25
In times of confusion and doubt, God’s best gifts slip in the backdoor.
December 29 God’s Big Brother-Sister Program Hebrews 2:10-18
The Christ event—his birth, life, death, resurrection, priestly intercession—has us covered in every way!
Preacher: Hannah Coe