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29 Nov

Pastor’s Pen – December 2022

Sometimes Advent sneaks up on me. You would think stores putting out Christmas displays in early October would be a clue, yet its arrival still surprises me when the Thanksgiving turkey is still warm.  Advent means “arrival” or “coming.” It is a season of expectation and hope. Believers worldwide spend the four weeks leading up […]

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29 Oct

Pastor’s Pen – November 2022

Our Entrusted stewardship series centers on the truth that much is entrusted to us by God for God’s glory and the good of others. While stewardship encompasses more than our finances, our finances are an essential part of it.  Each autumn, we plan our church budget for the coming year. Some of us get cross-eyed […]

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29 Sep

Pastor’s Pen – October 2022

One of the things I do as a wedding officiant is taking responsibility for the marriage license. At the rehearsal dinner, I secure it from the bride and groom so they can focus on the hundred remaining items on their to-do list before saying, “I do.” After the wedding, I secure the required signatures, seal […]

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29 Aug

Pastor’s Pen – September 2022

Dear Church,  The great theologian Clint Eastwood (aka Dirty Harry) once said, “What you put into life is what you get out of it.” This quote is not an original thought to Clint, of course. I’ve heard it said many times in many ways. Yet, it is easy to forget.   There are seasons in the […]

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29 Jul

Pastor’s Pen – August 2022

Dear Church,  August is a month of transition. We savor the final days of summer with delight and desperation while readying ourselves for the beginning of another school year. Even if you and your family are no longer tied to a school calendar, all are impacted by this community rhythm. Swimming pools drain the water […]

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